Office Snapshots

Employee Benefits & Other Programs

Refresh Vacations In addition to paid vacation days, each employee is allotted 5 Refresh Vacation days per year. Employees can use these Refresh Vacation days at any time during that year, and many use them to take longer trips abroad.
External Benefits Program Nexon offers a benefits program provided by an employee benefit service provider. Since our employees’ family members can also take advantage of the program to a certain extent, it is being utilized in various private settings.
Recreation Program To promote communication and a change of pace within the company, Nexon provides funding for recreational activities. These funds are available to all employees, regardless of department or job position. Nexon also holds company-wide events such as the end-of-the-year party as a part of its recreation program.
“Read all about it!” Program Nexon supplies employees with books in various genres. Many employees make use of the program to catch up on popular or long-awaited books.
Book Purchasing Program Nexon purchases books that employees need to use in the context of their work. Books and magazines currently purchased through annual subscriptions, such as those subscribed by each department and fashion magazines, are available on shelves in the office and can be freely accessed regardless of department.
Language Program Nexon offers private intensive program for selective employees who need language skills on daily operation to improve their language skills for business.
Pension & Retirement Benefit System (Defined Contribution Plan) Nexon aims to create a stable work environment in which our employees can feel assured to work on a long-term basis. We provide a wide selection of programs for employees of various lifestyles and ages.
Nexon Challenge Program The Nexon Challenge Program allows Nexon employees to directly pitch their innovative business model or business plan ideas to the management team and senior managers. Proposals that have passed screening might be adopted as a new business or be launched as a new service. Anyone, regardless of department or job position, can take advantage of this program.