Nexon began over 20 years ago, and since that time online games has been what we do. Over 10 years ago, we pioneered the idea of giving games away for free and selling items within the game to enhance the game experience. This focus on online games and free-to-play has driven very consistent growth and high profitability for our company so today we are one of the biggest game companies in the world.

However, our growth and profits are not the whole story. The real story is about how we feel about games.

Games are an art form. This fundamental belief -- sadly forgotten or misunderstood by much of our industry -- guides the creation and live operations of our games around the world. We believe that to make a great game company, you have to make and operate great game art. And, making great game art and growing a game for many years on end is extremely difficult: it requires the best of your creative and technical abilities.

That's why Nexon is looking for the best people we can find, to join our mission of building a great game company by delivering great games. We want Nexon to be the best home for people who think about games the way we do, who are as passionate and committed about that as we are, and who want to build the games community together with our users.

If you share this philosophy, I hope you'll consider joining our mission, and in doing so, work with us to build the kind of games company we will be proud of for many years to come.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Owen Mahoney
Owen Mahoney


Nexon’s Growth

Founded in Seoul, South Korea, Nexon relocated its headquarters to Japan in 2005 and was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2011. Since its founding, Nexon has continued to develop and service high-quality online, mobile, and social games. Nexon offers a diverse pipeline of titles that appeals to broader genres, various user demographics and potential users worldwide.

Nexon’s Global Footprint

Nexon currently services more than 100 titles through its overseas entities and business partners in over 190 countries in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

Nexon’s Strengths

We will provide fun and differentiated games with high quality over long time leveraging our three strengths